AAP Should Propose Other Possible Solutions Rather than Allegations

Shame on you Mr. Kejriwal...you have converted an honest drive to clean politics and corruption (AAP) int another congress party. I had contributed both monetarily and personally to let you win the delhi election hoping some change would arise. But now I am feeling cheated.. I am shameful that i supported you.

You have missed very good chance to save your USP which is fight against corruption, black money and clean politics by opposing demonetization scheme.

As an opposition you could have opposed of the implementation of program but you are challenging the whole program instead. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal you are an IITian, an ex IRS officer, why are you not proposing the other possible solutions which could be better than the demonetization scheme to the nation? you are just alleging this is scam.

How many corrupt people, black marketers and goons have been arrested since you became CM of Delhi. What about Shrimati Sheila Dixit. Now she is most honest person in Delhi.
What about Lokpal? Why Lokpal could not been implemented yet. You have deteriorated whole image of AAP. First prove your words, show your acumen as politician in Delhi and try to save the remaining image of AAP which we all dream of. Just winning election and form government was not the motto of AAP.

AAP was established for bigger cause. You might be founder but we had also played little role as a common man of India so we are feeling cheated now.

By Mohit Poddar

There is also an BBC Hindi Interview When Arvind Kejriwal got upset at BBC's questions:

When Arvind Kejriwal got upset at BBC's questions: