Watch Game Of Thrones S04E10 Finale Season 4 Episode 10

I felt that some of it didn't really work -- I know it was straight from the book, but the Tyrion strangling of Shae just didn't seem like the end of the relationship. Tyrion a woman-killer? Guilty of domestic abuse? Isn't he smarter than that?

The book Shae was a 16-year-old flibbertygibbet who was silly and had little substance. The TV Shae was in her 30s, worldy-wise, cynical, she would never have allowed herself to be in a position to be strangled or killed, and certainly would have scream-cried, "What do you expect? I told you I'm a whore! A whore! Where's your gold, my lion? Isn't that what you want to hear?!?"

We could have done without the strangling and it wouldn't have hurt the story. The SO said, "But Tyrion has to lose everything!" and I think knowing your love is boinking your dad is losing her. The kooky misogynist vengeance thing just doesn't ring true to me.

Also, if I were Viserion and Rhaegon the dragons, I would be more than a little pissed that I've been locked away in a dark cave FOR DOING NOTHING WRONG. Their brother, Daenerys' darling Drogon, was the one who did it (Can't they have also have some light so their little dragon bones don't get brittle?)

I understand the Brienne/Hound pairing to stem the various 38 new characters that appeared in the books.

And now with Tywin gone, Cersei can now do whatever she wants, which is a little frightening --- more for everyone else. Magnificent finale. I don't know how they managed to tie up so much, set up so much for next year, and never make it feel even slightly rushed.

Anyone else think there were shades of Jules "say what again" Winnfield when Tyrion gave Tywin the 'whore' warning at the end?

So sad that there will be another 11 month wait to endure, but my god, the eventual product is worth it!!