Lok Sabha Election Result 2014 Check Party Wise State wise Election Results

India has since long awaited date with destiny & ultimate day of reckoning on 16th May 2014, Epoch making clearly defined election results will initiate cascading self perpetuating positive initiatives in all strata of governance in India..

Indians have come out decisive winners in the democratic race. Results are accepted to be game changers with complete severing from era of despair dejection.deceptions & deceits.

Lok Sabha election results are bound to usher in new era of hope peace progress & prosperity sans inherent handicaps which were baneful curse till date thus far.

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Iconic Narendera Modi is all set to lead NDA to decisive victory.& ascend to highest echelon perch of prime minister of vibrantly functioning largest democracy of the world India. "551 million voters — more than the combined population of the US, Germany, Canada and the UK — cast their ballots this year": Alone this statement is powerful to face any country on this earth eye-to-eye and ask: would you be able to do this in your country if you would have so many religions and cultures and languages besides so many people?

2014 elections will prove to be watershed election in the history of Indian Democracy.Development and Good Governance will be firmly be on the agenda of all future elections. Finally people have seen thru the divisive politics played, the sheer corruption and loot, in the name of "Secularism", Caste, Reservations and phoney Socialism.This will be the death of Dynasty Politics once for all !