Cricket in India has indeed become a commercial venture with greedy politicians

Cricket in India has indeed become a commercial venture with greedy politicians and unscrupulous businessmen wanting to control it through the BCCI. I too was an avid cricket fan until a spate of scams and match-fixing scandals plagued the game, particularly involving senior Indian players like Azharuddin, Manoj Prabhakar, Ajay Jadeja, besides some foreign players like Hansie Cronje.
Yet, neither the Govt of India, nor the SC ever cared to stem the rot by taking control of BCCI and bringing it under the ambit of Govt of India, like every other sport being played in India. Strangely, BCCI, which is the richest sports body in the world, is registered as a charitable organization. In a cricket-crazy country, money was bound to flow in and that's what attracted wily politicians to BCCI, like ants find their way to sugar / food. 

Moreover, by allowing N.Srinivasan to be a franchisee in IPL was a clear conflict of interest, which is the root cause of the present scam. Had the BCCI barred its office bearers from having any association with any IPL team, perhaps things wouldn't have come to such a pass. The best thing would be for the Govt of India to take over BCCI and run it through an able professional administrator (when they can have an IAS officer oversee the Tirupati finances, why not BCCI ?). The SC's proposal to have Sunil Gavaskar be interim President is not convincing, as he has always been a crony of the BCCI, unlike his contemporary Kapil Dev, who had opposed the way BCCI functioned, until he too succumbed to pressure in recent times. Good players may not necessarily be good administrators, hence the SC should appoint a professional administrator with vast experience (an ex-IAS officer would be a decent choice).

Just like N Srinivasan who owns India Cements and the IPL team CSK, Sunil Gavaskar is contracted with BCCI for commentary work and has been a member of the Governing Council of IPL in the past. Hence, Gavaskar doesn't have the right credentials to help clean up the mess of IPL and ensure a free and fair probe involving CSK and RR as well. Also, strange that SC has made Gavaskar President of BCCI for only matters related to IPL-7, while nominating the senior-most VP Shivlal Yadav of South Zone as President of BCCI for non-IPL and post-IPL matters. 

Besides leading to confusion on roles and responsibilities between Gavaskar and Yadav, it will create much internal strife within BCCI. The SC should have ideally made Yadav President till elections to this post are held by BCCI in September. Seems to suggest SC has more faith in Gavaskar than in Yadav, which is strange, as Gavaskar has never spoken against BCCI EVER. Unlike his contemporaries like Kapil Dev, he's smart enough to know that he has to overlook BCCI's wrongs, to further his own selfish commercial and career interests. Instead, the SC should have appointed someone with a good understanding of how BCCI functions, and is more upright. Else, any probe by spineless persons will yield no result. 

Moreover, Gavaskar will have to return to contractual duty with BCCI after IPL-7, so he'll never ruffle feathers within BCCI in an effort to 'cleanse' the system. Surprising that SC didn't consider all these factors, and yet appointed Gavaskar who has no administrative experience with BCCI in the past.