Aadhar Project started with great promise but now Looks Like a failure

Though Aadhar Project started with great promise, it has failed to become relevant to most people, as it's simply too unreliable (many wait for months or over an year to get their Aadhar Letter). Besides, most FIs refuse to accept Aadhar as a Proof of Address, while some grudgingly accept it as Proof of ID. Also, I am not convinced why Govt of India would want to provide such a crucial identification to non-citizens, enabling them to avail of many govt welfare schemes ?

Apart from many other scams involving Aadhar Card enrolment and distribution, the recent scam unearthed by Cobrapost shows that it is very simple to get an Aadhar Card with fake documents. Hence, the next Union Govt must discontinue the Aadhar Project and instead carefully plan and implement an alternative Social Security No / ID facility to all Indian citizens (as in USA) with stringent checks and balances, so that people don't get multiple IDs like they do with Aadhar or PAN Card etc.