Why AAP Fooling Indians? Think before you support AAP

First read it carefully and then make your view..
Please don’t waste your vote.. If you are a supporter of AAP…Think before you support AAP….
AAP is a liar party..some examples are as follows:

1-Electricity subsidy given without allocation of fund..now Delhi will have to pay double.
2-Kejriwal was raising issue against Robert Vadhera..now giving the ticket to the person Yudhveer singh who has given clean chit to Robert Vadhera…Kejriwals double standard.
3-K-6 basin gas chargesheet without any proof.
4-They won’t give or take any support from anyone, taken from Congres.
5-They want Swaraj, but do not follow themselves..like deciding LS candidates. They decided in delhi without any consultation of locals.
6-Kejriwal is saying Modi’s development model is fail..I request you all go to Gujarat and decides yourselves, don’t go with data.
7-Secularism is more important than corruption for Kejriwal-Kejriwal’s another u-turn.
8-Each businessman in his country gives party donations..if Ambani’s are doing that…what is wrong in that.
9-Kejriwal said that Transparency International done a survey about Delhi corruption..Transparency International declined that they haven’t done any survery.
Kejriwal gave resignation on Janlokpal issue and from very next day of his resignation, he started “Jhadu Chalao Abhiyan” and within 2-3 days, he announced a list of AAP candidates for LS election...is it possible to do all these things in one night without prior planning...Kejriwal is making fool of innocent people of India. He knows that common people of India is fed up of corruption thats why he is making corruption an issue..Kejriwal is nothing to do with corruption. Kejriwal told that he left Income tax department because department is full of corruption..what about his wife..she is still working with that corrupt department..Does Kejriwal has answer on that.....Dont go with Kejriwal promises..all are fake promises..
Kejriwal has double standards when his AAP was caught in camera taking money for seats..he refused to accept this and when others trap in same..he asked resignation.
Janlokpal is an very important issue..but what about good governance. Kejriwal should run his government with good governance and at the same time continued try for Janlokpal was the best option he can do in that situation..but he quit because good governance is not important for him at all. He wants to fight LS elections in the price of Delhi people mandate.
Kejriwal and his team don’t believe in Indian constitution. 200 people died in Ranbasera when Kejriwal was in power…his 49 days achievement
Why Kejriwal and his team wants to fight LS elections…if you think its for Janlokpal..you are absolutely wrong because they are not going to get desired seats in LS so they won’t be able to pass Janlokpal. Still they want to fight LS elections because they want to blackmail coming Indian government like SP, BSP, etc parties doing it for long.AAP sold LS tickets…blamed by some of famous AAP member.

Reliance issue-Kejriwal is saying that Reliance is making huge profits on gas. We have to understand business is for profit, everyone is doing that. For example-Lays buys potato Rs. 5/kg and sell it to in the form of chips around Rs. 400/kg..same law apply to every business. Company is selling their products almost double/triple of their manufacturing cost..what is wrong in that. If reliance is wrong..everyone company is wrong. Reliance is a backbone of our Indian economy.