Mr. Kejriwal, can You give me a reason why i should vote for AAP?

Dear Mr. Kejriwal, can You please give me reason why i should vote for AAP in LS election 2014.
Since you are not participating in all seats (only 350). In these 350 how many seats you are going to win let us assume 100. but to form a government you need 272+ seats. In this case how you will form government. Which parties are you going to add in your alliance? Are you going to support corrupt congress or going with 3rd front where we are expecting more corruption than congress(since mulayam singh ,mayavati, karunanidhi will be there). If You are not going to support any body then too should I vote you to get burden of another election?

What is your definition for a corrupt person, According to me the person who is with you is not corrupt and full opposition is corrupt. Can you please let me know Why gopal rai is kicked out from AISA(Since the Wikipedia has the information till last week , it’s changed now. tell me one more thing are you with truth or with information.)? Now coming to you before election you were claiming that you have proofs against Sheila dixit. And After becoming CM you are asking proofs from others.Can you please share your view on secular and communal words, Since you are also one of flag bearer of secular word. How A person who got clean chit from court is communal in your view and a person who arrested by police for communal violence is not communal for you ? Please guide us with your view; you can save yourself by saying it was your vote bank politics (I won’t mind)So I need to Know why I should vote you. 

Should I vote your party for

1. An unstable government.
2. Increasing your bargaining in government.
3. Fulfilling the ego of kumar vishwas that he can defeat Rahul Gandhi.
4. Burden of another election.
5. For your unexpressed view on relationship with Pakistan , (However they will be very happy if you come in power(hoping to get a gift of Kashmir from you )).
6. Can you please let me know whether do you have any plan or view to control population, boarder security, to control inflation, To give a growth to Indian companies, and many more if you have then you can share your more plans. Waiting for your Reply Real AAM aadmi