Kejriwal Should Ask these 16 Questions to Modi

Kejriwal 16 Questions to Modi SHould have been. Would have helped him. If you go with this questions, he will surely respond.

1. आपकी बहुत सारी ग़लतियाँ ढूंढी। पब्लिक मेरी बातों पर विश्वास नहीं कर पा रही। कोई उपाय बताइये।
2. आपने 13 साल सरकार कैसे चला ली? मुझसे तो 50 दिन भी नहीं चल पाई!
3. कृपया SWAGAT (Gujarat Janta Darbar) की प्रक्रिया समझाइए। मेरी तो एक जनता दरबार में हवा निकल गई।
4. Please explain online bidding and E-governance. I had promised corruption-free government, but did not take any step towards e-governance and could not anything other than Drama.
5. How do private sec docs help govt healthcare in Guj? I couldn't undrstand. So posted n abandoned building's photo on Twitter.
6. How did you clean Sabarmati, turn it into a tourist attraction? I was too scared to even touch Yamuna
7. How did u provide such full proof security to woman in Gujarat. I could not save Girls from my own Ministers.
8. How did u increase Tourism in Gujarat by around 200% in last 12 years. I could not control my Own minister from insulting Foreigners.
9. How did u achieve 0.5% unemployment rate in Gujarat (lowest in COuntry). I could not create single job in Delhi. Even promise which i made to temporary teachers, I could not fulfill.
10. How u were able to give 24X7 electricity to whole Gujarat with all villages. I could not control Discoms from power cuts in Delhi, Summer looks very bad for Delhi.
11. How were u able to link 21 rivers in Gujarat with Water in most distant villages by Narmada Canal. I could not achieve single new water connection in Delhi.
12. How could Adani Co. in Supreme Court against electricity pricing and Forced Adani to Reduce power prices. I tried a lot but not able audit my Friend Reliance Power.
13. How were u able to achieve 10 years of Gujarat without single incident of Curfew. I myself had to do dharna and decided to disrupt Republic Day event.
14. How you were able to achieve 10% of GDP growth with 10% agriculture growth. I have made sure, Delhi at least for next 20 years will not get that much Growth due to our leftist policies.
15. How did u ensure that State highways are rated by United Nations as World Standard. I could not start a single road project in Delhi.
16. How u keep on winning elections without giving Free Water and Electricity in Gujarat. I am struggling to win in Delhi even after giving all freebies.

There are many questions he could have asked if he really had intention to improve our country. But alas.