People Should think what will strengthen them in the current scenario

Leaders in West do lot of community service which counts towards their experience in dealing with the situation of the public and ofcourse understanding of their problems. Community service prepares one for organising efforts to do things and understand the various elements at work while helping the people.
Congress consist of leaders who only performs Community Service for Nehru Parivar, they have never demonstrated and they cannot step out of their slavery to the Nehru Parivar. I have never heard any Congressmen saying anything against Nehru Parivar that includes all their top leaders except for P V Narsimha Rao who all of them hated and who in fact is responsible for India's Economic Growth. So one can understand why Congress is not a party of Growth.

Now Mr. Kejiriwal joined Anna Hazare group and is trying to draw maximum advantage out of his name. If Mr. Kejiriwal would have done it by himself nobody would have listened to him but because of Anna people started noticing him. But he left Anna Hazare to start his own movement and appears closer towards the dangerous Bhushan family (slapgate) so how this will pan out can
be disastrous for people of Delhi.

BJP has leaders who have done community service, Mr. Harshvardhan is a great community worker and BJP's efforts in Gujarat, MP, Chattisgarh, Goa and for some time in Bihar shows they can organise and Govern really well. You can yourself make an assessment of the situation of infrastructure in BJP ruled state over the Congress ruled state.

You should also not forget that Vajpayee did Infrastructure work in his 5 years which was more than 40 years of infrastructure work ever done by any Government. What I am referring to is the Golden Quadrilateral.

People need to really think this out and see the difference, what will strengthen them in the current scenario, who has the experience in dealing with Law and Order better.