Aam Aadmi party emerging as a major front in Delhi

Aam Aadmi party emerging as a major front in Delhi elections is a historic moment in politics for India. A party that emerged on the basis of an anti-corruption people's movement, founders who have a strong idea towards creating a participatory democracy and challenged the status quo of the incumbent politicians.
It is a big step towards seeing a strong anti-corruption law taking shape and thus the slow death of corruption in the country in the coming years. The emerging young party has certainly changed the rules of the game.

First, candidate selection was based on the person's interest to make a big change to the constituency in improving human development indicators whereas the incumbent parties it was by winnability at whatever cost, nepotism and closeness to the dynasty. Second, the party introduced a transparent way to raise election funds by publishing all contributions on their website thus setting an example for large parties that raise several thousand million rupees from unknown people and later involve in quid pro quo favors. Third, candidate selection was based on integrity and had no criminal cases while the leading parties provided tickets to 1 in 5 candidates with criminal background.

Fourth, they published manifestos for every constituency, which was created in a participate process by local welfare groups; objective for the next five year term is absolutely to clear to every representative and people have a document against which to hold their elected representative. The leading political parties till day published only a brief pamphlet for electioneering purpose which was forgotten right after the elections. Fifth, they raised only enough money for election campaigning and spent that much only as mandated by the election officer.

While the candidates from Jurassic era political parties spent to the tune of Rs.5 cr unaccounted money per candidate, used wine, women, money and muscle power to win elections. Sixth, the win sets an example to several thousand aspiring professionals who want to bring a change to the country by actively being in politics, chances are bright if you put a strong team of like-minded people. Seventh, it signals the emergence of a new generation of Indian citizens who want to eliminate nepotism, dynasty, religion, region, language, reservations, favors, entitlements, vote bank, money, muscle and wine in favor of development, entrepreneurship, education, growth and jobs. Hopefully this trend results in the rebirth of the Indian National Congress itself in the days to come and thus the emergence of new vibrant India of the 21st century.