People Who Criticizing India's Step into Space Should Get Some perspective

1) The mission cost is only Rs 450 crores, which is a very very minuscule percentage of our Rs 17 trillion annual budget. The budget of welfare schemes such as MNREGA and current Food Security bill (1 lakh crore), is much much higher than the cost of mars mission.

2) The reason behind India's still existing poverty and hunger is not the money, it is the corruption, the inefficiency in the system. Rajiv Gandhi himself said that if 100 Rs is granted for a poor person only Rs 1 reaches him and rest is just absorbed by the corrupt system. By some estimates we have around Rs 45 lakh crores black money stashed abroad.

3) Mars mission is not totally funded by the govt, ISRO has used its own funds as well. Btw..ISRO is a commercially profit making entity which made a profit of Rs 85 crore last year. This shows that ISRO can very well recover in the cost in next few years. Also, if the mission is successful, ISRO will get more business and hence more profit.

4) Science and Technology advancement should not be killed at the altar of supposed poverty. If that was the case, we could have missed the IT bus. We did not have money to feed the poor, why should be focus on IT? But look that investment few years ago has reaped significant benefits for the country.

5) Successful science and technology initiatives are important to boost the self-confidence of coming generations and they are also important employment avenues for engineers and scientists.