Whoever Advised Rahul to Make This Public Drama

This recent outburst by Rahul Gandhi against the ordinance meant to appease some allies, and to overrule a recent SC ruling was clearly stage-managed and also in poor taste. Firstly, no one would believe him if he said he wasn't aware of the contents of the ordinance BEFORE it was sent to the President of India.
Secondly, even if Rahul didn't know of the ordinance, he could have safely assumed that it was sent to the President with the knowledge and consent of his mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi. He could have easily discussed about his reservations about the ordinance with her, and perhaps request her to convey it to the PM (on his return from the US) to withdraw it - without having embarrassed all concerned - the PM, Cabinet which decided to send it to President of India, and most importantly his own mother who would have definitely 'blessed' this decision of the UPA govt.

Moreover, his crass comments against the ordinance showed his arrogance and political immaturity, besides his personal immaturity (he could have discussed his views in private with at least his mother, if not the PM). So, whoever advised Rahul to make this public drama ended up embarrassing the Congress party, the PM, and Sonia Gandhi. So, instead of projecting Rahul Gandhi as a 'hero', they ended up exposing him (yet again) as a political zero.

All this drama of Rahul Gandhi is laughable. 
  • Where his wisdom and conscience was when the bill was drafted months ago by his party and his government? 
  • Where was he when the bill was placed in the Parliament to be passed as the LAW? 
  • Where was he when the opposition made hue and cry on the bill and to save the face his government sent it to standing committee? 
  • When was he and his consciousness when by-passing the Parliament his government drafted an ordinance and discussed not once but twice, in the party core committee of which he and mom are the all powerful members? 
  • why did he not open his mouth then? Where was he when the bill was passed by the cabinet and sent to the President, Why did not show his morals then? 
  • Why did he not go to the President along with the opposition leaders to express his opposition to the ordinance. Why did it take Rahul Gandhi 20 hour to realize his moral stand after the President has virtually rejected the ordinance.
There was news that President was hesitant to sign on such deal and he called in govt. representatives. If Mr Rahul Rahul Gandhi is concerned about corruption then he should let the country knows where he stands on the land scam his brother-in-law Mr Vadra is accused of.