What To Do When Cyclone Hits (Safety tips)

A plan is made to minimize risk. Families can go to places to get shelter if their home is not strongly made, people can travel away from the hurricane if they have enough time and money. Flooding is one of the main dangers with hurricanes/cyclones, especially in the coastal region. There is a thing that is called "storm surge" that comes with cycolones/hurricanes. Storm surge is a rise in level of coastal water: a rise in sea level above the usual tide level as a hurricane or other intense storm moves over water, causing flooding when the storm comes ashore.

To prepare it is important for some coastal areas to evacuate, that is, those areas that are prone to flooding. Another risk is the high winds which can rip the roof off of houses and flying debris/objects in the strong winds. If one has the means, it is good to secure the house by closing windows and doors and covering the windows with wood or shutters. If possible people can go to a better shelter before the storm arrives and stay there until it passes. Perhaps the government has provided some, or you could go to a family members house etc. Also a risk with storms is the possibility of tornado's, tornados are very dangerous. They are much much smaller than cyclones/hurricanes but much stronger.

Getting to the safest location is helpful of course, and making sure to protect oneself from falling objects or broken roof, making sure nothing can fall on ones head. Then there is preparation for after the storm. Electricity might be lost for a while, perhaps weeks. If possible to get, it is good to get some supplies, such as a flash light or candles and matches. Clean water is important, and access to some food. Perhaps filling up many bottles and jugs with clean water now so that it will be available in the location one will be at, if needed, after the storm because water might be hard to get.

I am not an expert, I am just giving some ideas to help anyone concerned. Also, I am sure there are many who don't have access to internet, so they might need information passed along to them. Apparently the Indian Government has been making some preparations. I am guessing preparation is one of the main things to do, gathering items one will need, and having a plan for where they will be.

Flooding is a major danger I think. Also I forgot to mention, if you need to add gas/petrol to your vehicle, car, bike etc it is good to fill it up beforehand because it might not be available right away. Also, if you have an electricity generator that runs on gas or petrol I think the same applies and also important to note, one should only use the generator outdoors after the storm because it gives off gas that is bad for people so it should only be used outside I think. One can and should look at how to use a portable power generator safely. I think one generator could maybe be used by a whole village or such, though, also, India has survived for thousands of years before electricity, as have all humans.