UPA Govt is Playing with People Sentiments to Win 2014

Congress led UPA govt is playing with our sentiments to win 2014. People belonging to the other 2 regions of AP arent able to digest bifurcation as they have to leave the capital city for the other region, telangana. People in telangana were informed that they will get good job oppurtunities, self ruled government if they get the separate state. They blame the other regions for their backwardness. They also say, seemandhra entrepreneurs/politicians looted them. So 60% people there want a separate state. My answer is Unemployment, water scarcity, ..are common problems in every state.

Actually from a survey, its shown that rayalaseema is far more backward region among the three. Rich all across the nation(i say globe), either entrepreneurs or politicians loot the people in a around the capital cities or areas near natural resources. Its common! For occupying, they've to bribe local officials, ruling party ministers and finally, but mainly MLAs n MPs. Instead of blaming their politicians, they are blaming common man of seemandhra, who is actually innocent. Coming to culture, it varies from family to family (also in the same caste.)

we can't consider it. AP speaks telugu, follows telugu calender starting from Ugadhi (telugu new year.) Nizam citizens started Andhra mahasabhalu as Urdu n persian dominated their language n tradition. They merged with Andhra state after passing the bill in their assembly. As a capital people of AP invested n developed hyd a lot than their own region n Major industrial development was done in late 1960s n NCB Naidu tenure. We ask tamilian/kannadiga/others how you will react if you are asked to leave chennai/blr/ur capital city for other state, Forever?