This formula leads to the development of Telugu people on either sides

Andrha Pradesh shall not be divided without Hyderabad in the Border of either Areas.

IT IS RECOMMENDED TO MINGLE MAHABOOBNAGAR dist and Krishna River premises with Nagarjuna Sagar DAM - small part of Nalgonda dist in AP (where majority vote for united AP) to the SEEMANDRA SIDE and make Hyderabad as Joint capital (as Chandighar) for both the divided states - so people from either side will have contact with Hyderabad.

Either sides will be happy and benefit both in the short term and long terms.

Krishna water will also be controlled in a genuine way if MAHABOOBNAGAR is mingled in Seemandra.

If A.P is divided : Telanga will have major control over Godavari river after Maharastra and the Seemandhra should be in good relations with Telangana and acquire the agreed portion of TMC's of Water.

Seemandra should have major control over Krishna river on either sides along with the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam (after Karnataka) and the Telangana should be in good relations with Seemandra to acquire the agreed portion of water.

This formula leads to the development of Telugu people on either sides.

Moreover a Linking Canal is planned to be constructed from Godavari to Krishna over the border of Telangana and Seemandra which will be a double benefit for both sides.

CONGRESS could expect some Votes from either sides - If Mahaboobnagar Dist along with Nagarjuna Sagar is attached to Seemandra and Hyderabad is considered as Joint Capital as Chandighar & the Income balanced according to the agreed rules.

IT WILL BE PEACEFUL and FRUITFUL and leads for the development of INDIA.

I hate KCR for his negligence towards Seemandra People, but i appreciate for his IN-DIRECT force through tensions to raise such a revolution against Corrupt politics. The movement is an eye opener and would lead for a corrupt free government later on.

A.P has helped for the sustainment of Congress party now A.P alone will demolish this party IF it was proven to be non-effective.