There is nothing to gain divided as a State -A.P shall not be divided

In the next 20 years - there is worldwide knowledge of increase in Climatic changes and a propability of 2 cms / Year of water level rise over the coastal areas.

It could effect drastically to the low level coastal areas of South east India.

It is never recommended to raise any new cities in Coastal Areas of Andhra Pradesh or elsewhere where there is lot of chance to hit by a cyclone or Water Level Rise.

The coastal areas in the past History are meant for Agriculture - and the Hilly areas in North West Andhra Pradesh is meant for Industries - but not for Agriculture. (it is common in many areas world wide) Not every area on earth could do everything - either it could be suitable for Industries or Agriculture or Fisheries etc..!

Telangana Area is mostly meant for non polluted industries while Coastal Areas are meant for agriculture.

As Population is out bursting world wide and the Indian Politicians say its human capital rather taking measures to decline it.. ! Every Decade there is a Group of people who born capable to demand new Wishes (most of which can not be fulfilled naturally) for higher substance - example Separate States, Countries, Companies, Families, Ruling govt. and plenty more separatism.

In India as we enter into the next decades with the same population growth rate - we will witness more and more demands from each corner for Separate States for Casts, Religions etc..,

If the Congress govnt do a mistake of pushing this separatism from the hill rather crushing it - In future its going to be an Avalanche.

There is nothing to gain divided as a State - it would be profitable to be divided as a seperate Country. But as a state with the same Constitution, same Politicians - 100 cent of no use.

A.P shall not be divided:

If A.P has to be divided. Mahaboobnagar Dist and half of Nalgonda with Krishna river have to mingled with one side and Hyderabad in the borders of either sides as a joint capital (like Chandighar) the Hyderabad economy shared by both sides.