Rahul Gandhi Says Muzaffarnagar Riots Were caused

Okay Mr rahul gandhi.since now that from rahul academy of sciences you have learned the differences between Causing of riots and happening of riots . please share your expert advice on Gujrat 2002 riots .i suppose by your logic it goes in "happen" category. if rahul gandhi still thinks riots were caused then here are some questions that should be answered.

# If u people could not save India in last 10 years from economic crisis, from LOC ceasefire, from price hike n so many problems, then how can u say tht u ll save U.P????????

# Whatever schemes u have launched in last 10 years, can u tell how much those are effective n wht % of people have been benefited with it?

# If Congress has given right to food, then why poverty % in India is not decreasing??? y 27 crore people of India are living below poverty line with monthly income below 5000/- for a family of 5 members?

# can congress provide accurate facts related to the effect of food security bill, that how many people have been benefited with it so far?

# Unemployment rate has been increased by 2% from 25 to 27 as per the latest report. can Congress justify this?

# Land has been forcibly taken from the farmers due to wrong policies that is true but who who took them n were given to whom (Jijaji)?

# Congress Government's statistics are also not good Mr. R.G. tht u r questioning the work methodology of other government. Kindly start working on your own statistics, then u ll cm to know that how much damage u people did in last 10 years.