Is Really It's Time to broom Out dirty HAND and dark LOTUS?

Media was not covering AAP before 2 months but now it has been forced not to overlook the reality that AAP is surging ahead.The worst case scenario is a hung assembly.

Just yesterday Times now showed Arvind Kejriwal has gained 6% in as little as 4 weeks whereas Congress's Sheila Dikshit has lost almost 20% vote share & is drowning while BJP's Vijay Goel is lagging behind for the position of Chief Minister Of Delhi.

Honestly speaking, even a hung assembly will mean great news for AAP & bad news for established parties so no party will be able to form government. This will mean a significant increase in the number of Lok Sabha Seats for AAP.

AAP winning anything above 15 seats will make the political parties be shocked. AAP winning Delhi will destroy Congress & BJP inside their parties & outside their parties too as their credibility will be destroyed & so will their existence.

The chances of AAP winning Delhi is high because BJP has a leadership crisis & Sheila Dikshit has strong anti-incumbency factor plus corruption of water, electricity, commonwealth games plus the Delhi police harassment plus Delhi Gangrape plus inflation of onions, electricty & water factor plus there are the new young voters who will vote for AAP plus there are voters who don't vote for any party in any elections but will vote for the new alternative party. All lower caste people will vote for AAP.

Anything above 30% vote share for Arvind Kejriwal in any poll survey means AK wins.

The parties will have to fight it out but BJP is very weak in Delhi plus Sheila Dikshit has got weakened. Kejriwal's strong credibility factor weighs for him a lot.

If he wins the elections or even if there is a hung assembly, then it will be a huge setback for Congress & BJP in the Lok Sabha elections.