Summary of Muzaffarnagar Riots (What Really Happened?)

1. A hindu girl while passing a muslim area on her way to school has been harassed, lewd comments was passed on her, she complaint to her brother and her brothers took that matter used knife to teach that guy a lesson by inserting knife into his stomach, result he died. That guy who harassed the girl was from muslim community.

2. The family, friends and neighbors of the muslim boy captured the brothers of the harassed girl and lynched mercilessly on broad day light in front of many eye witness.

3. Harassed girls family gone to police station to file FIR, police refused. The muslim family also gone to police station to file FIR for murder of his son who harassed girl, police register a case and booked the Father of the girl with other close relative.

4. Here problem started, and thinking discrimination by administration , Jat community asked its panchayat to force police drop charges against girl fathers and family.

5. Administration took no decision.

7. Again Jat panchayat called which was named bahu beti bachao sammelan, and some wasted interested people (Read BJP MLA) distributed some inflammatory CD/MMS.

7.1. In between DM and SP which was main people to handle the situation were transferred and new DM and SP brought, who has no idea of the ground situation.

8. After panchayat were finished people were returning home, then they were attached by muslim peoples.

9. Here the riots spread like wild fire and no one can control..

10. We have today situation of peoples suffering of both community.

Q. whom you blame for this?
A. people believe that Chief minister for creating a fearful situation among officer who maintain law and order by sacking durga shakti nagpal so that no officer can take hard stance on any muslim/hindu hooligan, and harasser to maintain law and order situation.