Some Questions To Asaram

1) If asaram is not guilty then why din't he surrender when police issued him summon & helped in investigation ???

2) When he was on the run from one congress ruled state to BJP ruled state, why none of these parties arrest asaram before media build up the pressure & lead to his arrest ???

3) why BJP leader Uma Bharti defends Asaram, says rape charge against him may be politically motivated, Did she have any proof ????

any one who is accused of crime against women must be investigated & not passing judgment on asaram

If asaram is not guilty & not afraid of any wrong doings then why din't surrender before making force arrest.

if he(Asaram) is so sure about his non-involvement why he hasn't proved the facts in public,He can also say in media that he is ready for DNA Tests or whatever it takes. He had already 10 days before to prove himself right
why is he hiding from here to there
why he is making silly excuses at this time like having neurological disorder why at this time only. Why didn't he said earlier about this