Reality Behind Muzaffarnagar Riots

some different tricks played by politicians this time than old school, throwing pig in Mosque and cow in Temple... but always successful in making people fight and kill each other.

-First a Muslim man molested a Hindu Jat girl. Her brothers killed him and then they were killed by an angry Muslim mob.

-The family of the Jat girl and her brothers went to the police who refused to register a case. It is believed they did not want to file a case against the Muslim mob due to pressure from SP leaders.

-The Jat family then approached Bharatiya Kisan Union(BKU) who waited 7 days for police to take action, then organised a 'Beti Bachao' Mahapanchayat with the aid of a few local BJP workers.

-Meanwhile a BSP leader apparently made an inflammatory speech at a mosque which may have incited Muslims to violence. An SP leader and a Congress leader also made such speeches.

-The Mahapanchayat was attended by Jats from many villages to discuss and protest over the molestation of the Jat girl and the murder of her brothers by a Muslim mob. According to SP leader Azam Khan inflammatory speeches were made against Muslims but BJP and Jat village leaders deny this.

-The rioting started when Jat villagers were returning home from the Mahapanchayat in trucks and tractors. They were attacked on the way home by Muslim mobs with swords and guns. The IBN7 reporter was killed during one such attack.

-Finally the Jats started retaliating resulting in full-blown violence in several villages. Still going on.

-Many villages have been emptied, lots of refugees from both communities.