Political Parties Are Dividing the Nation

We recently saw an amazing behavior of Media and of political parties. In case of Sanjay Dutt who was an accused of helping terrorists in Mumbai bomb blast and later it was proved by court that He responsible for conspiring against our country. We all know that Sanjay Dutt was given a sympathetic approach. In those times almost everyday mainstream media and political parties came in front of television sets and cried for several long hours and beg for the freedom of Sanjay Dutt .... Same Approach espoused for Ishrat by Congress , Samajvadi Party by saying that Ishrat is their sister and there should be independent inquiry.

Similarly we have seen Media and Parties like - Congress taking a stand for the accused in Batala Encounter (In spite of honourable court’s decision came against him for the act of terrorism) All these parties do not consider Ishrat and Batala accused a terrorist and keeps demanding the independent justice everywhere and every time. But in Case of Aasharam Baapu all these parties and media is in rush to prove him guilty although the matter is still in the judicial process--- So that they can prove their secular tag.

S.P leader was defending a terrorist btakal because he is an muslim and BJP defending Asharam upon which rape allegation made by 15 year old girl .. because he is an hindu. These dustbin minded politicians know nothing better politics than divide &rule . They make mockery of law and justice according to their political interest . Somalian law which is not applicable in india applied against commoner and even IPC is not applied against so called VIPS . The so called VIPS had given special treatment by law. law maintainer & even by court ......on the advise of their political master so vote bank of their political master will not dis-stabilize .

Are not you guys are fed-up of all these Political parties including Aam Aadmi Party who is running in the same race to get votes by dividing nation on the basis of religion. All that is require by media and political parties to wait and let the law take it course.