Mandatory Voting Will Remove this Anomaly Forever

None of the above (NOTA) or right to reject is good but here are some facts that can not be avoided.

Let us see what happens in Kashmir polls when a majority of voters will vote NOTA.

Will it not automatically undermine the election if the NOTA voters exceed the votes earned by the winner of positive votes?

What if the number of NOTA voters alone exceed the voters received by the rest of the parties?

Has the Supreme court thought about such a scenarios? It can happen under pressure in Maoist land?

Will the EC allow open canvassing for NOTA votes by separatists and insurgents in NE states?

Will it not undermine the authority of the elected representatives and the democracy itself?

The better solution would be to make voting as mandatory and run for a week period at least. This will result in more participatory type government.

Currently around 60% people (which includes 20% Muslims coverning almost 90% Muslim voters) use their votes and with multiple candidates, anyone who can earn a 15% Muslim votes in addition to 10% of caste votes (YADAV or SC for example), he or she can win the election with 25% votes polled because the other two candidates will split the votes with 20% and 15% votes. This is the secret of success of regional caste or OBC based party in equation with Muslim voters in UP, BIHAR, WB, ASSAM and AP. This is why BJP cannot come to power in these states as Muslims will vote strategically cast their to the one candidate among all who is in a position to defeat BJP.

Mandatory voting will remove this anomaly forever.