Is India lost the image & Positive Sentiments?

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For the starter, check how well integrated is Indian economy with the World economy in comparison to Pakistan or Bangladesh. When growth happens in Asia, not all islands in Asia grow.

Also listen carefully what MMS has to say about "orderly exit" at G20.

Also go back in time :

India survived 2008 World eco crisis.

Then for 2 years, India got into policy paralysis after Anna's insistence on Lokpal. babus just stopped working in ministries. The capital from India started moving out. Because the world worried and wondered if just one all-powerful man ( Lokpal ) can decide about everything in India in future? The risk was high. Even large Indian corporations started deploying their capital outside. The Indo-Chinese specific funds started skipping India as doing business in India seemed riskier. Yes, all these happened while we had our little fun with Indian flags at Janpath and enjoyed the 5 sec fame on the Reality TV shows.

Then Pranab got carried away and started consulting the oppositions for consensus, fell for a trap and messed up the Vodafone case.

More than 2/3 of our fuel is being imported and being paid in Dollars. We are willing to pay hefty amount for the import but shall not pay more to Indians who take risk and deploy large capital in oil sector.

We cancel 122 licenses just like that on just our knee-jerk reaction to 1.76 lakh crore swindling allegation by CAG, the man who gave interviews after interviews but never bothered to explain the country about the "presumptive loss". Deliberately and purposefully he gave the interviews during CWG when the whole world media was here in India to cover the event.

India lost its brand. In financial/investment world, the sentiment matters.

We lost that image and the positive sentiment.

It takes few seconds for milk to boil and spill over if it's not taken care. Then it takes a long time to get a pack of fresh milk and use it.

India at present going through that transition. It will take a while to come back. But it will. The fundamentals are still sound.