Is Government decides to amend laws to defeat the SC verdict?

Ultimate few & far between convictions for criminal offences of political leaders does mot come easy with drop of that but after going through arduous prolonged prosecution procedural processes of law & all accruing appeals finally exhausted.

Apex court of India rightly astutely stands by its interpretation of representation of people act as per its own rational logical legal pragmatic perceptions.

It is up to lawmakers to bring in constitutional amendments for providing self sustaining escape routes to convicted criminals holding public perches.

Aberrations perpetrated by such paradoxical legal handicaps will vouch for two types of laws. one of these applicable to sternly deal with common citizens & the other to provide for lenient linage escape routes to those privileged criminals who unabashedly usurp vitally critical public perches by incessant conspiratorially motivated manipulative fair or foul means.

It seems against logic and the principle of natural justice that a person in lawful custody (as an under-trial) can't vote, but can contest elections. So, in effect, our strange laws have hitherto allowed possible law-breakers to become law-makers, but not choose another law-maker. The SC is right in disallowing reviewing its own earlier verdict in this regard. Hopefully, its verdict will stand, and will not be overrun by yet another amendment to relevant laws, like the MPs collectively did recently in excluding all political parties from the ambit of the RTI Act.

Public entities should not run away from public scrutiny, if they have nothing to hide.With political ideology no longer relevant, as it keeps shifting, even major parties give seats to candidates with higher chances of winning, rather than on their integrity or 'clean' image