Indian Economy Is Going Down Day By Day

Any time bound fiscal instruments emanating from IMF or World Bank will push India into self perpetuating debt traps which should be avoided at all costs. Such easily accessible funds are further time bound liability for the already burdened fiscal status of Indian economy.

Self imposed strict discipline in government spendings along with drastic cutting back on politically motivated & conspiratorially manipulated free freebies & doles in any forms is crying need of the hour otherwise Indian economy will speedily slide southwards with unchallenged impunity.

It will be only raising the domestic inflow of funds & better management of funds without pilferages which can carry the day without further hassles whatsoever.

Simultaneously government must address by overdue effective deterrent notifications fast & quick to purposefully confront counter combat & contain on going baneful curse of habitual hoarders & speculative forward traders of essential basic consumer commodities to restore sanity in spiralling sky rocketing prices of basic essentials.