IBPS RRB PO Model Answers / Question Paper 22-09-2013

IBPS held the RRB officers scale 1,2 and 3 examination today. Here are some questions from 22 September 2013 paper. these questions are based on candidates memory. you can know the difficulty of question paper through these questions.

22/9/2013 RRB PO's

1 ) treasury bills, Certificate
of deposits, commercial
papers traded in which
market - Money market 1
2) About CSR corporate
social responsibility
3) GAAR is applicable from -
1st april 2016
4) INDIA is going to trade in
South east asian countries it
is called - ASEAN
6) Sarajevo is the capital of
7) HDI Index of Rank of India
- 136
8 )Nishi Vasudeva is the
chairman of - HPCL
9) Who purchased the
business of Royal bank of
Scotland - Ratnakar Bank 2
10) Some thing about
Insurance Broking
permission as per the
notification given by IRDA-
Dnt know the answer 3
11) PPF Max amount in a
financial Year - 100000
12) E-Choupal is from Which
Organization - ITC
13) Foreign trade policy
annoued by - Ministry of
commerce, Industry 4
14) UNCTAD HQ- Geneva
15) Swadhaar scheme for - A
Scheme for Women in
Difficult Circumstances
16) Highest award in Sport
(India) - Rajiv Khel Ratna
17) FCNR Account - Opend by
NRI and IPO's
18)About Asset
Reconstruction Companies
19) Present Reverse Repo
Rate - 6.5% ( Answer is not
given previous is 6.25%)
20) Father of Nuclear
Programme - Homi J BABA
21)ESCAP HQ – Bangkok
22) Best Feature film in 60th
IIFA Awards _ Pan singh
Thomar 5
23) Committee on Below
Poverty line – Tendulkar
Committee 6
24)Anoop Sridhar is a
Famous for- BADMINTON 7
25) Sea of Pappies is Written
26) Question on KYC Norms
27)NPA’s limited to by the
end of 2013-14 fiscal Year is
28) FEMA enacted in the year
– 2000 10
29) ED is levied on – I Think
30) EFT means Electronic
Funds Transfer
31) Banks didn’t allow loans
Beyond – BASE RATE
32) Baht is the currency of
33) Question on WPI
34) For participating in
president election minimum
age is 35 Years
35) Not a retail Banking
Product – DNT KNOW 11
36) Lender of last resort –
37) Fiscal Deficit in 2012-13
is 4.89%
38) SEBI Chairman – U K
39) PMAEC chairman –
40) Telecom regulator - TRAI

RRB PO 22-09-2013
GA question of 2nd shift

1.which is fixed income fund- bond fund
3. Government sell share of a PSU- Disinvestment
3. Agriculture minister- Sharad pawar
4.EU member-28
5. WHO head office-
6.Uber Cup related with
7.Emerging India writer-
8. Company's internal growth called-
9. General price level rises in country because of the rise in prices of imported commodities,inflation is termed as-
11.what is used in pencil
12.Sardar Sarovar Project on which river
13.Shinjo Abe thoughts in economy-
14.who is the first person to be listed to start a new CENSUS OPERATION every time.
15.Credit Rating Agency's work is called-
16. OSCAR award winner actor DANIEL DAY LEWIS played role in the film- Lincoln
17. Palm straits divide which two countries
18. Shares remove process from a share market called-
19. Security that an investor buys to get a periodic interest payment from company for a fixed period-
20. In case of foreign bank operating in India,which fails to achieve the priority sector lending target an amount equilant to shortfall is required to be deposited-
21. JGSY scheme implemented by-
22. Riga is capital of which country
23.6 industries come under PMI,which one is not
24. STT denotes
25. Bundestog is parliament of which country
26. Taking leveraged & risky position in financial markets intended to make short term gains on assets is known as
27. Price of asset( stock,commodity,land& housing) goes up rapidly in a short time & is not supported by fundamentals is known as
28. Which state has largest rice productions
29. NSE index,which measures market expectation votality in near term
30. ATM full form
31 GHOOMER related to which state.
32.grants in aid