Government has converted Indian army into another political party

Anyone found criticizing the govt or supporting the opposition is quickly targeted with criminal charges. VK Singh attended an opposition rally, and then very next day he is charged with sedition?!?!

He's a retired general - he can do what he wants! If he wants to form his own party even, that is upto him! Govt has no right to attack him over his personal political choices!

This current ruling party is so neck-deep in corruption that I can tell they are determined not to lose power at all costs. I'm waiting to see how they try to rig the elections. When they are behaving this aggressively against opponents and critics, then it means they plan to go all the way - they plan to hang onto power by hook or by crook.

Who from the ministry leaked the report which maligns the reputation of the army?

If this was a secret report, why no charges filed against IE under official secrets act?

Why government was sleeping on the report (not a court of inquiry) which was submitted in March 2013?

Why government did not ask CBI inquiry looking at the seriousness of charges?

Why the report was leaked 2 days after SK Singh shared the stage with Modi on September 15, 2013?

Why is PM silent on this issue?

Now Pakistan has been given a lime with which it will keep making lamon by changing India interfering in Balochistan. Who is responsible for such irresponsible act of leaking some military document?

Any patriot listening out there?

Current Government has converted Indian army into another political party.