Feudal or Dark Age ideas should not be allowed to rule over us

It is true that with the ever increasing cost of fuel, conservation mechanist is essential and unavoidable and it is as vital as cash receipts to a company. Energy conservatory initiatives are welcome, but not the present “petrol pump proposal.”  This strategy is almost like telling an unbelievable story to a kid making him/her to believe it. It is really a doubtful and self defeating exercise. It is never going to make larger impact. 

If the Minister really wants to make any drastic change in the energy consumption, let it start from above—politicians, bureaucrats, and so on and let them be a conscious of change to be a role model. It may not make much difference in energy reduction level in the beginning, but is certain that it will create a consciousness of conservation. If the most populated country on the earth China has great potential for energy efficiency improvements industries, power generation, power transmission and distribution, buildings, lighting, appliances, and transportation and so on why can’t our nation? Let the leaders come out unanimously with an enery conservation law like China. The fact of the matter is it is the need of the hour for rational energy of energy in industries, construction works, transport and so on, but not through closing
down petrol pump after 8 pm.

Its like fasting to save food!!! What does the honorable minster think about emergency situations. There are a lots of IT professional who works till late at night and goes home after midnight. What if any emergency happens and we are not so prepared for it? Should the government leave us in lurch? I say, it would be better if you remove your cess tax from petrol!

WE ARE LIVING IN THE SCIENTIFIC AGE. Feudal or Dark Age ideas should not be allowed to
rule over us. Let us be cautions, Mr. Veerappa Moily.