Even the Judiciary of Our Country Is failing

In the case of patriot Ex. Army Chief Gen. V.K. Singh the court didn't accept the Date of Birth Certificate of Gen. V.K. Singh thus allowing the government to retire him early but the same judiciary in the Delhi Gang Rape Case accepted the Date of Birth Certificate of the so called juvenile rapist and declared him juvenile & awarded him just 3 years stay that too in a SPECIAL HOME !!!

We all have been taught right from our childhood that rules are same for everyone. Hon'ble Judges, please answer our questions: Why different rules for different persons ? How can you reject the Date of Birth Certificate in one case and accept it in other case ? Was there some kind of pressure upon you in Gen. V.K. Singh Case ? In Delhi rape case, only 3 years jail to the main accuse just because he is not 18, if he was able to rape then he must be punished the same way for rape and murder.

If things continue this way, no one can save our country !