Corruption Not Only Kills But Also Disables the Coming Generations

Massive spread of mega corruption is in many ways is worst that occassional riots as corruption not only kills but also disables the coming generations and spreads like a cancer in the entire society on a large scale which destroys it from within.

Corruption aided and abated by congress and other loot-khasoot UPA parties in the last 9 years has caused deaths of innocent and poor citizens which are thousands times more in numbers compared to those who were killed in the 2002 riots in Gujarat.

Corruption has already lowered the prestige of nation, its rate of growth and morale of the youth. Every right thinking person is stunned and worried sick of the depth and scale of corruption and the unwilling of congress tackle the issue head-on.

To start with, what about the indirect carnage that corruption causes in a country India with 70% population live below poverty line and still defecate in the open? Nearly 69% of the population was living on less than $1.5 a day. One Indian farmer kills himself every 37 minutes. More than 270,000 farmers, according to the National Crime Records Bureau, have taken their lives between 1995
and 2011. About 14,000 did so only in 2011. Money swindled in scam (Re 72,000 Crores in Maharashtra alone) led more than 190,000 poor commit suicide in the last 10 years which is still going on.

Money swindled in healthcare (UP), safe drinking water and sewage project scams means tens of thousands poor suffer daily and die due to lack of basic health care and sanitation facilities. Corruption on large scale means lack of funds for power stations, roads, good schools, colleges, hospitals, industry, food subsidy, police and less employment opportunities for youth which results in youth becoming radicalized with no hope for the future and some even have turned out to be criminals and home-grown terrorists such as IM.