Change Is Necessary, it's the Need of Time

There are many ways but this Government will never get it that till criminals are not handled in a strong way the economy will not improve. The fact that this Government has been weak on terrorism and created fake scenarios in order to win elections is in the eye of all. This has generated the biggest distrust in this Government and this economy.

You can lie to Indians you cannot lie to the West. People see through the mess in the society.India has to take tough measures by reducing this free for all programs which have damaged the working class and this Government expects will help the Rupee.

I wonder how!! So many scams I wonder why these people don't see that when someone invest in US they know its a law following country with not so many scams at the highest level. Here the PM, Madam Sonia, Chidambaram are all fully involved in minting money through various schemes, what sort of message does it go to the World.

Keep talking about Pseudo Secularism as if the West and the rest of the World cannot see. Nobody in the Middle East cares about this phony Pseudo Secularist ideology they are more interested in working with Stronger Economy.

That's why you see it builds the case for BJP. You see when the mind is ringing and you have severe headache you need to get to the solution faster. This is the situation all of us are slowly going into. That's why I am saying change is necessary, it is the need of time.