Aam Aadmi Want Answers From Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Aam Aadmi wants some detailed and well articulated answers from Aam Aadmi Party.

1. What is AAP's position on FDI in multi-brand retail, food security bill, land acquisition bill?

2. What is AAP's vision on economy? How do they propose to stop the downturn in economic growth, stabilize rupee, decreasing twin deficits, lower inflation, increase purchase power, increase exports etc.?

3. What is AAP's view on corporates and industrialization? Does AAP favour tax-benefits given to corporates?? What would be AAP's position if, by scrapping such benefits, the corporates will be compelled to flee away from India?

4. What is AAP's vision on infrastructure development? How should people be provided 24 hours electricity, potable water, better transport facilities??

5. What is AAP's view on red-tapism?? How should the private and public sector be regulated? Should privatization be promoted or public sector??

6. What is AAP's vision on agriculture?? How should India increase agriculture output?? How can we ensure that farmers will not have to commit suicide??

7. What is AAP's view on terrorism? Does it believe collateral damage as an inevitable evil? OR will it allow terror attacks to happen and then only catch the terrorists??

8. What is AAP's view on Kashmir?? Should article 370 be scrapped?? OR should it be freed from India so that Pakistan can capture it on the next day?? What about Kashmiri Pandits??

9. What is AAP's view on Maoists?? Should govt. of India surrender them? OR should they be crushed mercilessly because they don't want to believe parliamentary democracy??

10. What is AAP's view on federal structure of India? Should state governments have a say in deciding foreign policies??

11. What is AAP's view on common civil code that is directed to be implemented by Supreme court as early as in 2003??

12. What is AAP's view on communal violence bill brought by UPA, which presumes that only the majority community is responsible for riots and minority community is always a victim??