Is Media Really 4th pillar of Democracy ?

Indian Media is one of the worst media in the world. Media is considered the 5th pillar of democracy but in India the Media is infact a strong pillar but of the so called Gandhi family !

Take the case of Asaram Bapu. Our media houses didn't give much coverage o the rape charges against Asaram but the moment he spoke against the Gandhi Family whole media especially NDTV and Aaj Tak are after him like a bunch of wild dogs.

We have an open question to these channels: Was the crime of Asaram not visible to you before he talked against Sonia and Rahul ? It shows how much our media is loyal to Gandhi family. Shame on them. They should have shown such intensity before ! Asaram, if guilty, must be punished strictly !

The future of our country looks grim because not only the present government but even the media is worthless !!

Wake up and vote for change in 2014. We do not support any particular party ! We have time and again said that you should vote to a deserving candidate in 2014. Moreover, as far as BJP's support of Asaram is concerned it is pertinent to mention that Sushma Swaraj was the first person to demand death penalty for Asaram Bapu in the parliament.