Food Security Bill or Vote Security Bill?

The Food Security Bill - The government says it will give food to millions of poor Indians. But what is the definition of poor? The poverty line figures have been changed and as per latest government figures anyone with Rs. 33.30 in urban areas and Rs. 27.20 in rural areas in NOT POOR ! By doing so the government has drastically reduced the no. of poor people overnight. Well done !

And now the Food Security Bill !!! It will provide food to poor blah, blah, blah..... OK lets assume it can do so but was the government sleeping all these years when it was busy doing scams after scams ?? Was the government not worried about poor then ? What happened all of sudden that the poor have become so important for them? If they had been real well wishers of poor people then the Food Security Bill should have been in place way back in 2004 or 2009 !

The government has nothing to do with the poor ! It is not Food Security Bill but instead it is VOTE SECURITY BILL !! Indian people can not be taken for a ride anymore. Lets not fall prey to the gimmicks of such shameless people. Vote for change !

Please vote this 2014 to a right candidate