Food Security Bill or Bharat Barbadi Bill?

Food Security Bill or .......?
Bharat Barbadi Bill ..... ?

Out of 125 Cr , Indian population 67 % means 80 cr people will Be covered

Expenditure will be 1 lac 25 thousand cr , (Rs1,25,000,000,000,00)

Means around 10 thousand Cr per month

Means Rs 125/- per month per person
Means Rs 4/- per day per person

72 thousand Cr.
Rs (72,000,000,000,00) extra for transport , storage, Distribution

72 thousand cr extra for Admin, implimentation
72+72=144. Lac Cr Rs. (1,44,000,000,000,00)
(120% of scheme , comes Rs 5/-per day per person)

For doing charity of Rs 4 /- spending Rs 5/-

1.25 +1.44 = Means 2.69 lac crore Rs (2,69,000,000,000,00) (26900 Millions Rs)

Results ..
Fiscal deficit will increase
To cover that new taxes will be Imposed , dearness index will go UP

Since food will be almost free labour problem will increase
Agriculture ,
Trade and Industries will come to end

So think ..
Is this a Food security Yojana or Bharat Ki Barbadi Yojana ?
This calculation r based on information available to leading economist on micro level.

Please circulate..
If u r well wisher of INDIA PROGRESS.