Youth and Politics - Do Your Moral Duty

If you are 18, Congratulations. Now you are one of millions of voters of India and as a responsible voter. your and nation’s future is in your hands.

Be it School, College, University, IIT, IIM or any Institute, every student is first Indian. Compulsory good education for all with special emphasis on moral, national and patriotic values is need of the hour.

Of course, you are right that Politics is different from Engg, Management or other fields. But it very much affects morality, security, life and even future and in fact future of every Indian. Can one remain immune to suffering viz illiteracy, disease, abject poverty of fellow countrymen? Can one shut his eyes to own and children’s bleak future?

Even while working at workplace, never reject politics totally. Minimum one can do is vote for an honest candidate. In fact, honest learned people can prove asset to Politics.

Current GOVT & PARTY in power are experts in Hiding evidences of Corruption & SCAMS instead of taking strict actions against corrupts/SCAMS. Using CBI for hiding scams, protecting the corrupt politicians, to wind-up cases against its people. It has become like Caged Parrot of Govt. In short CBI is directly controlled by the ruling Govt. and being Used as per their Needs even in cases being INVESTIGATED against them. Thats why GOVT do not want to implement LOKPAL. Enough is enough now