Fight on Main Issue - Corruption vs Anti Corruption

Fight on main issue corruption vs anti corruption. once corruption removed India's most problems solved AAP does not need support of corrupt politicians of other parties but needs public support for really clean/fresh candidates. AAP does not need ex corrupt politicians as they will be burden and liability to AAP not asset AAP represents corruption victims.

Media is owned by corruption beneficiaries (abt5%) & AAP represents corruption vicitms (abt95%) How can corruption beneficiary media support AAP which works for corruption victims AAP must start own daily internet paper print & circulate by AAP supporters to AAM AAdmi aim mass circulation boycott corruption beneficiary media & for TV channel start funds collection from AAm Admi
Other parties r Corruption beneficiaries/exploiters/oppressors abt 5% & AAP is Corruption Victims/exploited/oppressed about 95% & fight election on Corruption issue then AAP wins overwhelmingly & wipe out other parties from Delhi & India.

Remove corruption which is main cause of India’s decline as it creates hurdles in path of everyone India free from corruption will become richest in abt 2 yrs by unhindered fast development . computerise governance ,facilitate internet so that it is affordable to common man at abt Rs.100 monthly unlimited like cable TV Remove licensing restrictions allow free competition increase availability reduce prices ,like Housing affordable for all, from public transport which will remove shortage increase competition auto,bus ,taxi rates will reduce
Prices will decrease big way even upto 50% and lower