Don't Know When That Day Will Come

** The day when people will start realising and able to differentiate between Truth & False.

** The day when people will start to telling right to right & wrong to wrong instead of wrong to right & right to wrong.

** The day when people will start accepting correct perception about himself/herself even if speaks by someone else.

** The day when people will start condemn the unlawful/inhuman acts done by anyone without seeking their background (religion/caste/race/creed etc).

** The day when people will start appreciating their enemies for showing correct mirror.

** The day when people will start uniting against injustice without seeking victims status/level/religion/caste.

It is not only my request, rather I think, it is all common people of India's kind request to the soldiers of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, paramilitaries, all the employees of CBI, RAW, CID and other investigation organizations, and police & guard departments of all state and territories, please voice against corruption and destroy all corrupt politicians, otherwise what you will explain to your son/daughter, what we will explain to our next generations ? JUST THINK, you people are sacrificing for nation each and every moment, but the result our nation getting is a big zero only because of those notorious corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt judges and corrupt media barons. Did YOU think that ???