Chinese Soldiers Enter Chumar - Some Thoughts

Chinese come and go in Chumar with banners showing it their territory.Their helicopters come deep onto Indian airspace frequently unchallenged .This area is 19 km inside Indian border from where they are supposed to have withdrawn after the last face off .What happened to the agreement reached after 3 weeks of negotiations? Now we are working on another agreement called the Border Defence Pact,despite failure of the old agrements.

All these agreements are meant to maintain peace and tranquility on the border.But are they serving the purpose?When do we come to the stage of settlement of the border problem? The Chinese will never give back what they have grabbed.They will demand more and talk about that only like Arunachal Pradesh.India should not let them deviate us from the main problem.India have displayed some courage in proposing changes to the Border Defence Pact and and not agreeing to their demand to freeze the present level of infrastructure status on the border.We must not be cowed down by their assertive behaviour but give caliberated responses like Gen Sunderji did in 80's,otherwise very soon the Chinese will take over Chumar,the only area where they are at a disadvantage strategically.

We would not have been that impotent if our country had understood Krishna rightly. But we have covered all our ugliness with beautiful words. Our cowardice is hiding behind our talk of non violence; our fear of death is disguised by our opposition to war. But war is not going to end because we refuse to go to war. Our refusal will simply become an invitation to others to wage war on us. War will not disappear just because we refuse to fight: our refusal will only result in our slavery.

And this is what has actually happened. It is so ironic that, despite our opposition to war, we have been dragged into war over and over again. First we refused to fight, then some external power attacked and occupied our country and made us into slaves, and then we were made to join our masters’ armies and fight in our masters’ wars. Wars were continuously waged, and we were continuously dragged into them. Sometimes we fought as soldiers of the Huns, then as soldiers of the Turks and the Moghuls and finally as soldiers of the British. Instead of fighting for our own life and liberty we fought for the sake of our alien rulers and oppressors.

We really fought for the sake of our slavery; we fought to prolong our enslavement. We spilled our blood and gave our lives only to defend our bondage, to continue to live in servitude. This has been the painful consequence of all our opposition to violence and war.
Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live and "If you win the war, you need not have to explain...If you lose, you should not be there to explain!”
-Adolf Hitler