A Great Idea - Food Bill

This is a Great Idea-Food Bill.

Let all the political parties agree on this and claim credit equally including Congress, BJP, JD,etc.

Lets make it better and give it to 100% of the Population Free.

It costs only $ 25 Billion out of total subsidies in India yearly of $ 300 Billion.

Lets give more of our money and benefits back to the People.

Lets give Free Food to everyone in the country.

Lets give Free Universal Healthcare to everyone in the country.

Lets give Free Education from kindergarten to professional education for everyone.

Lets guarantee every family a 2000 sft modern apartment with 24/7 water and power-FREE.

Everyone to serve in Armed Forces-National Service and earn benefits.

Lets have everyone discuss this loudly and boldly all over India and make India the Cleanest, Healthiest, Brightest and most Beautiful Country in the World where all our People are respected, healthy and wealthy.