Register For Your Voter ID Cards - Every Single Vote Matters

register for your voter id card

We all love to criticize the politicians and the government for all our problems but many of us shy away from our responsibilities as a citizen of this great nation. The constitution has given every citizen above the age of 18, the right to vote but many of us shy away from our responsibilities citing excuses like 'My one vote does not matter'.

Remember, in 1776, one vote gave America the English language instead of German. If we do not have that blue-black mark on our finger, we better put that finger on our lips. We do not have the right to complain if we fail to fulfill our duty. So, register for your voter id cards as soon as possible or at least cross-check your name in the voter list.

Find the closest center at and download the forms at
Go to the center and fill the form and submit it.
It is not necessary to upload the documents, except a photo.
Get your tracking number/ application serial number on your mobile.
Registration center will contact for verification.
Only documents required are photo and supporting document for address even the postal address mails will work, for age proof (not mandatory) DL, passport, pancard is enough.