Why Media Is Not Asking Real Questions?

For the sake of TRPs (and most likely under guidance of their political masters), media is conveniently ignoring to highlight that Gujarat's disaster management teams with senior officials have been working hand-in-hand with Army in rescue work (WITHOUT ANY PRECONDITION like Army will save only Gujarati people), 24 helicopters were offered for the rescue work to U'khand govt. (WITHOUT ANY PRECONDITION like helicopters will be used to save only Gujarati people) yet the offer was rejected just because of political antipathy, It was also offered to rebuild the Kedarnath temple with latest technology by Gujarat government (again WITHOUT ANY PRECONDITION like only Gujarati people will have entry in the temple) etc.

And, media is not asking real questions like,

1. What Congress CMs did for people of their states,

2. As PM, why Manmohan Singh himself didn't monitor the rescue work and what solid steps he took to ensure safe and speedy rescue and return of the pilgrims across the country,

3. Why the calamity has not yet been declared national disaster,

4. Why the offer to provide helicopters from Gujarat govt. were rejected by U'khand govt.,

5. Why double standards for aerial survey done by Modi and by other Congress CMs,

6. What the govt. is doing to reward the army for their commendable job,

7. Why U'khand govt. is not accepting food and rescue material from other states and why it insists to provide only money as the help,

8. The trucks that Sonia, Rahul flagged off yesterday were ready since 21st June, then why Congress had to wait for 3 days to send the relief material, was it just to register presence of Rahul Gandhi in photos while sending them?

9. Why U'khand govt. didn't work constructively with Narendra Modi and his team when they clearly offered to provide any help needed,

This is just a small list, which can extend to hundreds of such questions if we minutely start analysing what media is doing. In short, it is really shameful act by the media... After Anna's movement, it is again evident how media is dancing on the tune of Congress and UPA govt.