Why Govt Officials Treat People Poorly?

Many times I feel that common people have to suffer because they don’t have knowledge of basic law. They are not aware about their rights and entitlements that’s why govt official treat them poorly.

I request to all Lawyers/CAs/ Political Science/Public Administration practitioners or anyone who have knowledge of law make us aware about some basic laws so that we could approach the govt better. If possible, please explain the procedures/rules/regulations/rights in short and simple form.

Some of the queries could be-

1. What to expect from MPs and MLAs? In which cases we can/should approach them? (present image is- whoever is MLA/MP, is a big shot, he can do anything by legal or illegal ways)

2. How to get various kind of certificates – caste/birth/marriage/passport/PAN/driving license. People are forced to bribe because of unawareness.

3. How to file RTI? Better I should ask – what is RTI and why it remains in news regularly? (Political parties are strictly against it but people normally don’t understand its consequences and seriousness of the matter.)

4. A very basic idea about our political/administration system/structure. So that common man could understand whats going on. e.g. everyday newspapers quotes CAG reports but very less people would be aware that what it is.

5. If police is not registering complaint, then what to do? whom to approach?

6. How to file complaints against officials? I have heard that there are some special grevience redressel deptt. (though any action is highly unexpected, still why to loose the hope)

7. How and in which conditions one can approach Human Right Commission, Women Right Commission, Minority Commission etc?

There could be many such questions which people might be interested.
I hope, any initiative in this direction will be highly appreciated.