Is India Using Development Funds Rightly?

Lion share of revenue on tax used to be misused and will be misused by the Govt. and political parties in future always unless there is any stern action against it.. Today's deficit is the result of misusing the fund for some or other interests..

If development fund would have been used rightly then we could have seen different India today..

I don't think we should really be proud of Dr. Singh for his contribution to Indian Economy... Time to time we used to say about him but we forget the main leader who contributed in large in behind. I can say Dr. Singh was good follower, he can not be a good leader, because he lacks on decision making and doing right diplomacy at right time..

If someone really wants to give the credit of liberalization that should go to PV Narshima Rao. Because at that time he was the PM in post and he only pursued the policy of liberalization and it was Dr. Singh who executed the policy

We just mixed up the context of applying policy and decision making.. Because of the initial face change in Indian Economy, it got boosted by the new Investments and new initiatives.. We saw the good about liberalization even after NDA regime. But, slowly we started loosing the momentum again from end of UPA 1..

All kind of inclusive developments started to be back-faced and sluggish by the mess in miss management and poor Governance..

From the same time, we hardly recognize who be the real leader, heading the decision making and putting the policies..

Today mess is wide open and all around.. Someone says negativity in the air and some one is working from the back door..

These perceptions are just destroying our democratic means nothing more than that..