DIRTY POLITICS Over Uttarakhand's Disaster

Really shocking & unfortunate to see politicians playing dirty politics of credit. BUt question is what credit they are talking about. We are Shocked after hearing about number of casualties. What the hell GOVT was doing ? Why whole machinery and force not used since beginning ?How can they play with lives of people ? This is not acceptable.

Really shocking and frustrating. NOT ONLY THIS. Beside PILGRIMS the LOCAL's are suffering because of hunger due to no food. As roads and transportation system is destroyed. They are totally disconnected. Relief material being given is too less like 5-10 bags for more than 2000 persons. No POLITICIAN is looking at it or paying any attention.

They are just busy in taking credit for taking home PILGRIMS recused by OUR ARMY. And just posing infront of MEDIA for credit and cheap publicity. Every body including media is saying now rescue operations are almost done and a very few PILGRIMS are left.

What about locals who are homeless now ? As their houses, property and business has been washed away in floods. They are stranded. Where is GOVT and what is it DOING ?