Can MODI Give Us Our Dream INDIA?

Modi did well than other politicians in India but can MODI give us our dream INDIA ...?

Modi 10 years in Gujarat-

1. Education-> Do the Gujarat has the world best universities ,colleges ,school programs that students from all over india go to gujarat for higher studies, Or other countries students come to Gujarat...?

2. Agricultural-> In the starting at 2001-2002 Gujarat had 17 % annual growth rate in agricultare ,but now it has been decreased to 11% . Land acquisition from the farmers to the big crorepati families. Rich is going more reach and poor is going more poor.

3. Politics-> Do the Gujarat has the political transperancy...? Donators are listed ...? MLA are without criminal background ? As same all over the india only a rich person can buy the ticket for election in gujarat. All MLA are crorepati. No chance for ground floor social activist person to stand from the gujarat in politics from BJP. DO the modi Came and supported RTI for the Political parties... ? WHY..?

4. Medical -> Do the gujrat has the best medical colleges ,hospital , medical facilities in the world ? Do the patients form all over the india go to Gujarat for better treatments like heart surgery, brain surgery..? Do Gujrat has any biggest Medical research center?

5. Infrastrucure -> All the big indian companies have thier plants in Gujarat , consequently good employment and good revenue to the goverment. but do the gujrat has the best infrastucture..? I think
after getting huge taxes ,Gujarat should give the example of Bullet trains , Metro ...? but did the gujarat Improved the world class Infrastructure ?

6. Technology-> Did the gujrat born any companies like Apple , Samsung , Microsoft etc. ? Do the gujarat has best research centers for technology...?

7. Political and Social Reforms -> Did ever Modi fight for LAW like RTI , Janlokpal...? Did ever Modi gave his planned rules paper for corruption free INDIA in the loksabha..? DId he showed ever political willness for fighiting for corruption..? The first campaign was organized at the Azad Maidan, Mumbai, in 1997 by Anna Hazare where Arvind Kejriwal too joined the movement. When Anna saw that Government is not willing to pass this law Anna went on an indefinite hunger strike at Azad Maidan in the last week of July 2003. After 12 days of Hunger strike in Azad Maidan the President of India signed the draft of the Right to Information Act and ordered the state government to implement it with effect from 2002.

Do we except this type of PM for India ? Can Modi give us our dream Education , Agriculture ,Medical ,Infrastructure ,Technology structure or Clean Non- Corrupt Politicians ? India talent is expecting more than what modi do...? India is still behind than 1980 America in terms of technology and infrastructure development...

I am not criticizing modi , BJP , Congress.... Far from all this politics we all want our dream India...

Once ANNA HAZARE SAID "I can think of supporting Arvind Kejriwla only if he fights as an independent candidate and has a clean image. formation of political parties misleads citizens. The representatives of political parties cannot free the country from corruption because they themselves are corrupt. The parties put unnecessary pressure on voters and the people don't get a choice while selecting candidates. They cast votes for candidates selected by political parties. Citizens should understand what the constitution says. The society needs to select individuals who are ready to serve people. "

People should choose the best candidate.. but As now according to the current situation of INDIA AAM party is the only party in the present that have best transparency and socialism thinking.. after that further we can do more political Reforms and choose the best....