Before Voting Next Time - Think India Think

I, a common fellow of this country, do not understand GDP growth rate, Inflation, FDI, Balance of Payment, Sensex, Current Account Deficit, Gold Rush.

What I understand and expect from govt is ‘responsiveness’. When I go to to govt office, officer should not humiliate me, he must listen what problem I am talking about.

If I go to police station for some complaint, I myself should not be portrayed like a criminal.

When I go for electricity bill correction, it should not take a week – server is not working, clerk is not here, JE will look into this – come tomorrow, come on Monday, come next week.

I should not be victimised by schools even for admission in LKG because of poor enforcement of regulations related to education.

Being a common man, I am least bothered about what an American magazine is talking about India. What I understand is- everyday I see a new scam when I pick my newspaper. No one is ever convicted that does not mean that all is well. A common man is smart enough to understand something is miserably wrong with the system.

So go hell with GDP. This concept hides more than what it reveals. These are tools of statisticians to manipulate data to show whatever they want to show. Largest, fastest growing, biggest, top 10, top 20, by 2050 we will be that etc etc – these are some words which are used to manipulate the reality.

We have 17% of world’s population, then it is obvious – even if we all live below poverty line then also our GDP will be higher than 100 of countries. But govt loves to manipulate the reality.

Repeatedly I read this term everywhere – it’s a matter of great proud that we are the ‘largest’ democracy of world……….. what is so great about being ‘largest’ democracy? If we are largest its more because of failure of our population policies, not because we have done something extra ordinary to achieve it.

Govt manipulated documents will remind us that we don’t need to do anything today because we are already the BEST in the world - we invented zero, we did xyz work first in the world 2000 years ago, our forefathers did it before western societies…………… I agree these are matter of proud but should not we think and work beyond that? When I get good marks in one class, do I stop studying next year?

These all politician want us to make feel proud about the indicators which have no real value in our life. They will never discuss about Human Development reports/ Transparency reports/ Women status reports/ Health reports/ Corruption reports where India lags seriously. We have to wipe out this illusion.

What we need is development which make our life easier, not the development which looks good only on the Tables, Graphs and Maps of statisticians and all benefits are reaped by politicians and big businessmen only. If we all achieve basic development first, so glorified GDP and other indicators will improve automatically.

So before voting next time - Think India think, what we want from destiny can actually be achieved by ourselves. Only a small sacrifice and wisdom is required to reject the lollipops offered by these cunning politicians