Aam Aadmi Want Answers From Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Aam Aadmi wants some detailed and well articulated answers from Aam Aadmi Party.

1. What is AAP's position on FDI in multi-brand retail, food security bill, land acquisition bill?

2. What is AAP's vision on economy? How do they propose to stop the downturn in economic growth, stabilize rupee, decreasing twin deficits, lower inflation, increase purchase power, increase exports etc.?

Change Is Necessary, it's the Need of Time

There are many ways but this Government will never get it that till criminals are not handled in a strong way the economy will not improve. The fact that this Government has been weak on terrorism and created fake scenarios in order to win elections is in the eye of all. This has generated the biggest distrust in this Government and this economy.

Feudal or Dark Age ideas should not be allowed to rule over us

It is true that with the ever increasing cost of fuel, conservation mechanist is essential and unavoidable and it is as vital as cash receipts to a company. Energy conservatory initiatives are welcome, but not the present “petrol pump proposal.”  This strategy is almost like telling an unbelievable story to a kid making him/her to believe it. It is really a doubtful and self defeating exercise. It is never going to make larger impact. 

Why AAP Fooling Indians? Think before you support AAP

First read it carefully and then make your view..
Please don’t waste your vote.. If you are a supporter of AAP…Think before you support AAP….
AAP is a liar party..some examples are as follows:

Mr. Kejriwal, can You give me a reason why i should vote for AAP?

Dear Mr. Kejriwal, can You please give me reason why i should vote for AAP in LS election 2014.
Since you are not participating in all seats (only 350). In these 350 how many seats you are going to win let us assume 100. but to form a government you need 272+ seats. In this case how you will form government. Which parties are you going to add in your alliance? Are you going to support corrupt congress or going with 3rd front where we are expecting more corruption than congress(since mulayam singh ,mayavati, karunanidhi will be there). If You are not going to support any body then too should I vote you to get burden of another election?

Cricket in India has indeed become a commercial venture with greedy politicians

Cricket in India has indeed become a commercial venture with greedy politicians and unscrupulous businessmen wanting to control it through the BCCI. I too was an avid cricket fan until a spate of scams and match-fixing scandals plagued the game, particularly involving senior Indian players like Azharuddin, Manoj Prabhakar, Ajay Jadeja, besides some foreign players like Hansie Cronje.